Korean American Professional Team in Network

Based on our community service experiences in the hearts of Koreatown in Los Angeles during the last three decades, the biggest stumbling block of the Korean immigrant community was the language barrier. Still, in the process of the 4th industrial revolution moving along with the pandemic, the immigrant society now faces language and online computer technology barriers. Until now, if you have received interpretation or translation services to solve almost all government services or daily problems, now you need a computer expert who is proficient in online systems beyond English skills. These services were not free but were for those in need. The reality is that additional expenses have become a burden for low-income immigrant families.


To solve the Korean immigrant community’s problems, we promote a systematic and comprehensive personal care management and advocacy program by developing a team of professionals proficient in bilingualism, computer, and public benefits. It also pursues a physically, mentally, and socially healthy life for old age by providing information exchange and fellowship among members, continuous participation in activities and education, etc.

Primary Target

KAPTIN is a 1:1 membership care management program that prioritizes the security and wellbeing of Korean Americans over 55 years without an adult child or a care representative.

Services & Benefits
  • A specialist is assigned to provide various bilingual services affecting daily life.
  • Benefits are tailored to meet the need of individual members.
  • Members has an access to KAPTIN online blog

KAPTIN Service Process

A brighter and healthier community begins with your open heart to make a difference one family at a time.