KAPTIN Services & Benefits

Monthly Bill Management
  • Rent & Mortgage Management
  • Monthly Utility Bills
  • Monthly Health Premium
  • Other Bill Management
Social & Public Aids
  • Public Benefit Applications
  • Federal Benefits
  • State Benefits
  • Local Benefits
  • Other Benefit Referral
Aging Well Advocacy
  • Nursing Home Research & Referral
  • Hospital Accompany Service
  • Retirement Readiness Counseling
  • Advocacy & Representation for the elderly
Golden Bell Call

Morning call program by the members for the living alone frail elders


Various and regular meetings and events are provided for friendship and fellowship among members.

Education & Information

Periodic education and information are provided for successful immigration acculturation and life in old age.


Public and community participation events are provided to promote continuous social participation and healthy citizenship.

Blog Access

Healthy conversations & encouragement between members are promoted through blogging of current affairs, mentoring, inspiration, and knowledge exchange.