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·  Koreatown Empowerment Center is a recognized nonprofit organization by the U.S. Department of Justice. As a reliable entity with 27 years of successful immigration services, it aims to provide accurate and timely information, professional services, and community-wide education on rapidly changing immigration policies and procedures.

·  Most work is done online, and applicants can access and manage documents through their online accounts and monitor the progress of their applications.

·  The Center’s immigration service fees are affordable based on the fee schedule approved by the U. S. Department of Justice. Low-income applicants with a federal poverty level below 125% may qualify for a fee waiver or discounts.

·  USCIS application fee waivers are also available for specific applications for low-income applicants who meet federal poverty levels below 150%.

·  Due to Covid 19, we are trying to implement a ‘not in-person’ procedure, and applicants can submit supporting documents via email, text, or online.

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