Welcome to Koreatown Empowerment Center!

 Founded in 2016 by the former leaders of Koreatown Multipurpose Senior Center,     Koreatown Empowerment Center is a community-oriented non-profit organization that continues the trailblazing work of the Senior Center.  For nearly three decades, the Senior Center implemented groundbreaking initiatives that transformed the lives of low-income elderly and working families in Korean American immigrant communities across the nation. 

The Senior Center’s historic missions include the first-ever community-wide education on Neighborhood Council, Medicare Part D, Social Security, welfare reform, and immigration policies.  In addition, the Senior Center conducted the first-ever projects in partnership with U.S. Census, Covered California, Los Angeles City College, and Hollywood Workforce Center, bridging the gap between mainstream and underrepresented communities. 

In 1996, Koreatown Multipurpose Senior Center became the first Korean American non-profit organization authorized by the United States Department of Justice to provide immigration legal services.  Koreatown Empowerment Center inherited this legacy and was recognized as a U.S. DOJ-authorized entity on April 1, 2021.  We are committed to expanding immigration legal services nationwide, particularly in legal deserts, to assist low-income Korean immigrant families with their immigration needs. 

At Koreatown Empowerment Center, we aim to empower the Korean American community by providing education, services, advocacy, and participation in immigration law, housing, food, and vocational training, which are essential for successful immigration and community building.  We remain committed to serving our community by providing programs that address their unique and diverse needs and empower them to achieve their full potential.