Knowing Yourself


  1. You are unique and only kind on earth. So as others are. So respect one another, and embrace the differences, for God created each kind but the duplicate.
  2. You are given every living life on earth to sustain your life, and multiply them. The nature is in your hands. The nature is designed to support your life. It must be preserved for your benefits and your generations to come.
  3. You are given a key to the heaven. It is all up to you to use the key and enter the heaven. You can doubt about the heaven all the days long, but do not forget the key in your hands.
  4. You are free from religious, political, and social oppression, by the work of Jesus Christ. You are to free the oppressed. You are in the account of pay forward. You need to deliver your passion and love to the oppressed.
  5. You are sent the Helper, the Holy Spirit. Seek the presence of the Spirit and walk along with the Holy Spirit. Your life on earth and heaven is depended on your walk in the Spirit. You are given the powers of the Spirit of God. You are protected by the Spirit of God. You are guided by the Spirit of God. You shall not fear of anything on earth, but be brave in what you are doing for common good.
  6. You are sent to heal the world. Pray for the world. Pray for the wound. Pray as if the world peace is in your hands. Pray as if their life is in your hands.
  7. You are not of this world. Separate yourself from this world time to time and restore your strength and spirituality timely manner. Empower yourself as if the world is depended on you.
  8. You are source of peace, hope, and truth.  You have to always make sure these are sufficient within you, and ready to deliver it to others.