God and the Bible


God and the Bible

According to Professor John Burton at Oxford University, biblical books are written by anonymous, except Paul’s epistles and other books that began with writer’s greetings.  It is hard to say who wrote the bible, and has inconsistencies within the story. The books are mostly written by educated and skillful writers such as employed professional scribes whose religious affiliations are unknown.

In the New Testament, gospels contradict to each other even though the book of Matthew, and Luke are written based on the book of Mark, and Q (collection of saying of Jesus). The books are completed in 40-70 years later after Jesus’ death. During these years, editors or disciples contributed their own ideas.  The date and legitimacy of content is a question. Evangelists preserved gospel by word of mouth. Orally preserved is hard to see how it could avoid being changed in transmission.  Religious integrity of the works in transmission is in questions.

Marcion originally planned to canonize only the first five books of the New Testament.  These books mainly contained the gospel of Jesus Christ, his teachings, life, and work on earth. However, the early church fathers added 22 epistles, the letters to the churches, and the 39 books of the Old Testament, the history of Israel and writings of its prophets.

The first five gospel books would have been sufficient enough for Christian church then and ever.  It is a critical error that the early church made.  Their concern was more likely on the proof of the deity of Jesus in connection with the Israelite, rather than the gospel of Jesus.  Its consequence was the Israelite’s denial of the deity of Jesus Christ. The Israelite considers him as a type of prophet, outside of Jewish practice.

The Bible began with human errors from the beginning. It taunted the reign of Jesus Christ. It demised the realm of God the Creator. Christian church must revisit the gospel of Jesus, and stop teaching the history of the Israel and its exclusive god. Jesus came not to inherit the kingdom of the Israelite, but to proclaim the existence of God the Creator and free the world from the religious and political persecution.

The gospel is sufficient to become a Bible for Christian church. Indeed, the gospel is inspired not because God inspired employed skillful writers, but because it is about the story of Jesus, the God Jesus represented us to, and the Holy Spirit he promised to us.  The Bible must be revisited in the work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, for the Truth.


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