Theological Affirmation


God is Inclusive and Author of All Beings

1. LGBTQ are created just as they are in the image and likeness of God. Their gender differences are as natural as God created. Because of their differences, a question might arise whether a human can have the image and likeness other than that of God. As shown in the flow chart below, humans have the image and likeness no different than that of God. Additionally, no humans can alter their gender against their innate nature. This implies gender identity is not a person’s choice, but the person’s true nature regardless of their body type. The only alternative the person has is whether to follow his or her true innate nature irrespective of the body type the person is in, or to live the unnatural life in the body type regardless of his or her innate nature. If either God or humans can’t alter humans’ gender, LGBTQ must be as natural as they can be to their gender identity. Mainstream culture is oriented to heterosexuality, and expect a female in a female body type and a male in a male body type. In other words, our society identifies gender easily by the body type. However, the body type of a person has no impact on the relationship with God. God seeks our inner person, the center of our heart, rather than what type of body we live in. Only the person’s inner self regardless of the body type matters to God.


2. Jesus’ redemption work applies to all living life regardless of their race, religion, and gender identity. Indeed, LGBTQ is part of his divine work on earth. There is not a single sin that can separate any of us from God. If a sin is remained and separates us from God, Jesus’s saving work has failed. Therefore, churches who condemn LGBTQ based on Paul’s fallible teaching has done wrong not only to God and Jesus but also to fellow humans. These churches’ belief system is deeply rooted in Israelite’s two religious principles, sin and its judgment by God, rather than the saving work and teachings of Jesus. The work of Jesus is universal, as God is the Creator of the universe. The churches must not undermine the work of Jesus. The churches must welcome whoever honestly seek God, regardless of his or her gender identity. It is the relationship that matters to God but the churches.


3. Free will is absolute to human. God has no control over the free will oriented in the human. Humans have complete control over their mind, passion, and body, even though they come short. For this reason, God can’t exchange our mind, soul, and body for any reason. If God controls human free will, the human is only a robotic slave to God and has no will power to pursue either good or evil. In this case, God can’t condemn the human on their action that is directed by God. God is responsible for the human’s behavior whether it is immoral or unnatural.

This assumption fatally threatens the saving work of Jesus Christ, the foundation of a church, because, without the free will, humans have no responsibility for either their disbelief or disobedience. Then, no judgment nor salvation plan is necessary. As a result, God has no purpose of existence. Additionally, God has to be responsible for the fall of the human from Adam to us. Then, Jesus’ saving work only saves God. Therefore, God can’t alter the human’s nature to retaliate them. Paul errored about the absolute free will of the human in his letters to Rome. According to his letter, God made humans immoral and condemned them to death for it. This is theologically incorrect. What Paul is saying is that Jesus set up the churches to charge innocent humans with every single immorality and condemn them for it. Paul is wrong. There was no retaliation of God on God’s people. No immortality separated us from God. Paul listed every single immorality that no one was excused from, as he states in the letter. In conclusion, humans have the absolute free will that controls their mind, soul, and body. This is humane matter, and God has no place to alter them. Thus, Paul’s letters on the condemnation of LGBTQ is not of God but ancient religions.

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