God and Jesus Christ


God and Jesus Christ

Is Jesus Christ a real person? Yes, He is. He is an actual human existed in the first century.  Flavius Josephus, a Jewish general and historian who lived from about 37 C.E. to 100 C.E, documented the life and teachings of Jesus.  Scholars still debate on the authenticity of his document.  It is a question how the most prominent Jewish historian, who was born after the death of Jesus, knew about Jesus in detail as if a Christian would know.

Another major debate is about Jesus’ birth mother, Mary, whether she was a virgin.  The virginity of Mary is, in fact, inconceivable within human capacity.  It is speculated that the nativity of Jesus had to be special and not related to earthly kinship. He had to be no man’s son. He had to be born in no one’s home.  A virgin mother and manger together made the nativity of Jesus divine, coming not from earth but the above. Anything from the above can be unimaginable.  However, the virginity of his mother hardly affected his work on earth. It only matters that Jesus was born to a woman just like us, and experienced our life as one of us.

Accordingly, the deity of Jesus has been always in theological debates.  The work of Jesus demonstrates his both deity and humanity. He stood for the religiously, politically, and socially oppressed, giving in his own life on the cross. He could deny his mission and establish his own religious kingdom with his super natural healing power, knowledge, and signs presented solely by him.  Instead, he chose to die and give hope to his people. Jesus was fully divine enough that we experience the love of God through his work. The Living and True God would have been never known to us if Jesus were only a human. Also, Jesus was fully a man enough that he experienced our life as a homeless, rebel, healer, teacher, brother, son, leader, and friend. He felt our despairs, sorrows, hungers, thirst, hopelessness, oppression, and even death.  His humanity made us known to God.

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