God and Evolution

God and Evolution

The account of creation does not agree on the origin and purpose of life claimed by the evolutionary theory.  All living life was created in its own kind in its suitable environment. For example, fish in the sea, birds in the sky, and animals in the land. They didn’t need to change their shape to new species to fit in the new environment.  However, the evolutionary theory claims that all living life was started with one micro-cell and evolved endlessly to survive to fit in the environment.  For example, a dinosaurs became a whale to survive and reproduce in the sea. Hairy ape became a human by fitting in the environment of tools.  In creation, primitive animals share the same DNA, because it started with the same origin, the waters.  They have changed through copulation activities among them in basic nature.

In the theory, all living life evolves to “survive to fit” in the environment for the purpose of more reproduction. In other words, the living life modifies itself to survive and have more offspring.  Thus, its survival depends on “an organism’s success at attracting a mate,” called “sexual selection.” It eliminates its inferior species, or dies for the superior.  The theory implies that if you don’t reproduce yourself, you are inferior and have no purpose to live on.  In creation, each life has its own purpose other than replicating itself.  Each life partakes the life of its own kind in the universe.  Each life represents its own kind.

The account of creation also does not agree on that the spirituality is a product of human evolution. According to the theory, human’s “fundamental desire of knowing the life drives to evolve the highest intelligence,” and results in “the emergence of philosophy and religion” and eventually “spirituality.”  In other words, humans develop own spiritual powers that foresee, heal, and conduct many super natural activities displayed in the attributes of spirituality.

In this theory, humans create gods to fear of them.  They create gods to do anything for the mercy of the gods.  They create gods to be forgiven by them. These make no logical sense.  The highest intelligence of humans is still in dark about awesome solar system, various disasters of the nature, illness, fear of terrors, and more.  Human intelligence is limited to the human capacity.

The spirituality is beyond the human capacity. The spirituality is a super natural state and not subject to the natural events. If humans are the product of “natural selection,” they never can go beyond natural events.  Moreover, if humans evolve to be spiritual beings, the super natural, they are not subject to natural environmental events either. The spirituality never can be experimented on animals in the laboratories.

In creation account, the spirituality is the property of God. All living life has body and soul. However, humans have additional essence given in creation, the spirit of God.  This makes a difference between humans and all other living life.   It is beyond natural events. It is a supernatural experience in God.

Life is precious and meaningful when it is created with its own purpose, rather than just survive for the offspring in the natural events. Theoretical experiments in the laboratory never can prevail the account of creation of the universe.  Fossils from a several billions, or millions years ago only good for theories but true experiences. To renounce the creation account, science must either invent time machines or live long enough to witness the next form of the highest intelligence beyond human races over the next several billion years.

Based on the theory, I might be the highest intelligent species happened in the evolution, but only a purposeless bacteria.  In other words, I am indifferent from a pest.  When their intelligence “evolves” higher enough to claim their unique origin and purpose, humans will reject the theory of evolution.  All living life is beautiful and meaningful only because of its own kind and purpose that fully fill the universe in harmony and order.

By revisiting the setting of the universe, one must think how such complex solar system orbits by itself without an error, or an accident. The solar system is a sample work of the omniscient, intelligence beyond human capacity.  How can this be possibly the outcome of a sudden natural event? If the solar system that sustains earth was evolved out of some gases, the system must be a superior intelligent being beyond human intelligence. How a lifeless group of hot, cold, dead, and living planets comes together and runs the space in perfect harmony and precise order! It is too perfect and universal, being billions miles away from us not only in distant or time but also intelligent capacity.  It had to be designed by supernatural intelligence.  The solar system is a broad and complex and consistent design that ever known to us so far. It is beyond the human world and has to be a divine design of the omniscient God. This is a starting point of faith, appreciating the awesome design of the universe and thinking of its Designer.

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