God and Prayer

Prayer is simply a petition brought before God for common good.  It is a spiritual activity among most believers practice.  The most effective prayer is in silence, waiting for God to speak.  Many religions, especially Eastern religions, practice prayer in the form of meditation.  They often have a several mantras that come along with body movements, yoga.  Christian meditation or prayer has no particular body movements or mantras.   Christian prayer is a conversation between the spirits, the prayers’ spirit and the Holy Spirit.  Thus, Christian prayer does not require of certain format or form of body, as long as the person’s spirit reaches to the point of the contact with the Spirit of God. It usually requires a quiet and solitary environment, to reach to the bottom of one’s heart, the spirit.

All things are possible in prayer, only if the prayer is offered in spirit.  The prayer calls for the spirit of each person who participates in the prayer and the Holy Spirit.  It is a work of the person’s most sincere and pure heart before God.  God often uses our prayers and dreams to intervene the affair of the world.  For this reason, a spiritually mature believer has duties to pray for the affair of the world. This is called intercessory prayer, as if the person represents the world before God.

Join the prayer chain, and change the world we live in.  We pray for equality of all humans, and peace every corners of the world.  We also pray for saving our nature, promoting eco-friendly living culture.

God is listening.  What is in your heart?  Let us come together and heal our hearts, our community, our nations, and our nature!