Koreatown Homeless Data 2017

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The homeless are fasting growing segments of underserved people.  They are neighboring to our daily activities whether we are interested in or not.  No one talks about aging homeless individuals.  The aged and frail homeless will be major residents at skilled nursing facilities paid by medicaid.   Less than 1% will be able to spend the oldest years of their life at privately paid retirement community.  Less than 12% will be able to pay the cost of nursing home residency through their long-term care insurance.  Many will manage the cost through Meidcare and Medicaid.  Regardless of the source of the payment, they will all share nursing homes or assisted living homes with aged or disabled homeless individuals, sharing a room and bathroom, if their expenses are not covered with private fund. The world is aging and so does the homeless population.  We can feed them while they are still on the streets.  Are we ready to share rooms with them in oldest years?  Government must provide care units for the aging homeless community.

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