Healing Humanity Initiative

The One World We Divide

We live in the world where humanity is challenged at every corner of life, and the world gets shattered every second. Religion and race are the two immutable factors that divide the world, and we surrender defenselessly.

The One World Together We Make

Healing Humanity Initiative seeks to restore the humanity, the absolute essence of the human race, through education, service, advocacy, and participation activities, regardless of religion, race, and gender identity.

  •  We provide low income family with equal access to adequate food and housing.
  • We advocate equal right for all regardless of religion, race, age, and gender identity.
  • We seek to dismiss the root of divisions.

What You Can Do

Restoring the humanity is the core duty and responsibility of all humans, and only possible with the persistent and united voice for the change.

  • Help the community in need by becoming a friend of Total Ethos.
  • Spread the words of healing the humanity through your social network
  • Participate in the community events that promote humanity first.

Please join us and support the initiative.     

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