U. R. I.

Undivided Race Initiative

Undivided Race Initiative focuses on advocating against racial divisions. Every human being is a member of the one human race, and no race, religion, nor gender identity should divide the one family line.  One may be unfamiliar to another because of different traditions and cultures, but these differences should not be the force that divides the humanity.  The one family line has come a long way over more than 300,000 years, based on the recent finding on human trace in South Africa in 2017.  This finding is a scientific evidence on the one family line of all human beings, the One World.  This finding proves that we all started with the same skin color whether we like it or not and that the beneath of the skin, we all are the same humans.  The width of the skin is only about one millimeters deep (the width of a rubber band).  We must learn to see the same human kinds underneath of the various skin colors.

The history of humanity and nature is all about migration!

We Serve Immigrant Community and sustain their dreams and freedom.

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