T. E. L. S.

Total Ethos Leadership School

Total Ethos Leadership School is the online community of nonreligious creationists and hopes to develop inclusive and diverse leaders who can bring the world together by healing the humanity.  T.E.L.S  emphasizes humanity awareness and practical actions to restore equal humanity to all humankind regardless of race, religion, age, and gender identity.  T.E.L.S revisits the divisive religion and develops a defense for equal humanity. All are welcome to join the community of T.E.L.S.

The One World We Divide

We live in the world where humanity is challenged at every corner of life, and the world gets shattered every second. Religion and race are the two immutable factors that divide the world, and we surrender defenselessly.

The One World We Bring Together

T.E.L.S. strives to restore the humanity, the absolute essence of the human race, through education, service, advocacy, and participation activities.

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