Divine Walk

Divine Walk is a healing ministry of the fellow creationists who desire for holistic growth in OneHouse through intensive meditation, reading, fellowship, services, and projects.

The purpose is to practice the humanity of OneHouse together by knowing the Creator through the life of the nature that heals, and to promote one’s physical, mental, and spiritual healing and strength, and eventually  pursue the overall social healing in the community and the world.

The mission is to build a hub of self-humanitarians, the supporting network, to nurture and empower each other and further the community in needs locally, and the world gradually.

The Walk starts at a House Gathering, a small fellowship that  shares selected visions or the needs in the community, and the Gathering can be grouped geographically, and/or by projects. It only takes a first step towards the walk. Any member can initiate anything and any size that can make a better community to live, and together the House Gathering  completes the Walk.

House Gathering

House gatherings meet at a designated member’s house weekly base and as needed. A trained and elected lead facilitator will host the gathering and other functional meetings.  A house gathering is perfect for people who want to belong and grow together.

If you are looking for a house gathering in your area please contact us.

Contact us for more information.