Biological Affirmation

Innate Naturality of LGBTQ

1. LGBTQ is biologically natural. A woman has male hormones besides estrogen because the woman is a part of man according to the creation account. A man also has female hormones beside testosterone. It is biologically proven that when woman completes her menopause, her body is left with the male hormones and becomes more like a man in voice, temper, decision making, body hairs, and even mustache. The man also goes through a period of menopause as he ages. As shown in the account of creation, a male and female biologically share the homo gene, x, the female characteristic of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. For example, a female has 23 pairs of xx and a male 23 pairs of xy. The female has the total of 46 chromosomes that form a fetus. Likewise, the male has the total of 46 chromosomes of xy that determine gender identity. When 46 of male and 46 of female chromosomes are met, there are many possibilities of various outcome. LGBTQ is only a possibility among them, and natural as they are. It is biologically and biblically natural for the same sex identities. LGBTQ are living as nature as created. That is not a sin. It is the deeply rooted nature of sexual desire and love just like anybody else. Someone who forces them to live as someone other than themselves sins against both God the Creator and fellow humans.

The chart below demonstrates a possibility of LGBTQ characteristics. This theory is solely based on author’s understanding of creation account and limited biological information.


2. LGBTQ are genetically natural. It runs in families. According to Professor Michael Bailey at Boston University School of medicines and Professor Richard Pillard at Northwestern University in their study, Human sexual orientation has a heritable component, Human Biology (1998), found that LGBTQ is genetic. For example, their research shows that two identical twins both be homosexual. They also state, “social and cultural causes show small effect size and are causally ambiguous.” This implies that LGBTQ is not personal or environmental choice but inherited. Many prominent leading biologists further developed Their study. One of the most recent studies also shows that LGBTQ is inherited. Professor Sergey Gavrilets at University of Tennessee, who also serves National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBios) in 2012, introduces “epigenetic” cause that the component of LGBTQ are written in how our genes are expressed in environmental roots. Professor Eric Vilain did the most recent study at UCLA. He also confirmed the epigenetic effects on LGBTQ at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in 2015. He states, “Epigenetic effects, chemical modifications of the human genome that alter gene activity without changing the DNA sequence, may have a major influence on sexual orientation.” LGBTQ take place in the womb. It is so natural to be LGBTQ, and churches must accept the proven facts rather than ancient pagan laws. Shame is on the churches, but LGBTQ. Who is a real blind? [John 9]

3. The history of scientific studies on LGBTQ also proves that gender identity is not a sin nor illness, but natural human kinds. As shown in the chart below, LGBTQ has been noted since the period of antiquity (3000 BC-476 BC). According to Professor David Halperin at the University of Michigan in his book, One Hundred Years of Homosexuality, “the same sex has been noted since antiquity,” but that “the focus was on the acts themselves rather than on the actors.” LGBTQ was categorized not even a human. LGBTQ was forced to change their innate nature or minds to fit their body type. It has been more than 40 years since the American Psychiatric Association declared that LGBTQ was not a disease (1973). However, churches are still forcing them to change their gender according to their body type. It has been long overdue that churches must accept their gender identity as natural as they are. According to Professor Halperin, the term, homosexuality, was in print in a German-Hungarian pamphlet in 1869, for the first time. LGBTQ have come a long uneasy way. The Pride Parade isn’t the recent movement. It took more than one hundred years. Churches have been the worst enemy to their pride of natural beings.



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