Total Ethos is a nonprofit organization that calls for social justice in the life of LGBTQ and immigrants who are severely persecuted by religions nation and worldwide.  Total Ethos also calls for self-awareness and leadership among the oppressed to change the culture of inhumane life.   Total Ethos believes that all living life is One household and aims to restore undivided OneHouse of the humanity and free the oppressed from persecution.

The Humanity

The humanity is the reason for the birth of Total Ethos.  Total Ethos stands with the earliest sayings of Jesus, the Gospel of Thomas, which is a message of restoring the humanity.   The change is only possible when the humanity is awaken by the actions of self-awareness and leadership through education, advocacy, service, and participation.   Total Ethos targets the elderly, transient, handicapped, orphans, and singled (E.T.H.O.S.) of LGBTQ, and immigrant community, for they are most severely underserved community.

Innovative Initiatives

Total Ethos has developed action plans that are innovative and practical to both givers and recipients:Undivided Race Initiative (U.R.I);   LGBTQ Initiative For Equality (L.I.F.E); Total Ethos Leadership School  (T. E. L S. ).  These projects are to restore the humanity in the underserved community, by serving, healing, and building up the community of OneHouse, the place of peace and hope for all regardless of race, religions, and gender identity.